Random Photo Challenge: September 18 - October 1

Just because I love to overbook myself (and because my darling Anya needs some inspiration for her blog), we are doing a photo challenge for the rest of September. I am posting this to make us both accountable. Plus, if anyone wants to join or get inspired by the topics - please be our guest! I came up with the random rules and topics to make it easy and fun. The goal is to inspire us both to take more creative photos.

Photo Challenge Rules:

  • Post 1 photo a day on Blog/Instagram
  • ANY interpretation - just has to be taken with an iPhone
  • No skipping, you have to do all 14 challenges
  • Can be completed in ANY order
  • If you skip - you lose and buy the other person an ice-cream
  • If we both win, we go out for the ice-cream together


Simple, eh? XD


Here is the list of the challenges:

  1. Photograph an image based on the title "Finding Life"
  2. Shoot a picture that says something about feeling happy
  3. Photograph a picture about music
  4. Using a red filter make an image of leaves/trees/nature
  5. A close-up image
  6. Make an image about colour with nothing straight
  7. Make a vintage photograph
  8. Photograph a distorted image
  9. Make a slideshow about old buildings
  10. Create a peaceful image in a cafe or restaurant
  11. Take a picture while using candlelight
  12. Photograph a small image about earth and mud
  13. Using maximum depth of field make an image of something in your house
  14. Photograph two contrasting images (e.g. black and white in one photo, but not filter)


I have a feeling, we will probably fail but it is still fun to try! XD


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