Blogmas 2017 While filming NaNoWriMo vlogs (and failing at it), I had an idea to do Vlogmas. But then I realized that I simply had no time to accomplish something like that. While googling vlogmas ideas, I came across the term blogmas. Which essentially means the same thing but posting on a text blog, not YouTube channel.


Writing and scheduling blogs ahead is way easier and more doable with my fulltime job than vlogging every single day. Plus, this will give me an opportunity to catch up with some of my long overdue reviews and do wrap-ups for this year and recommendations.

I have already written down approximately 25 topic ideas. My Blogmas will be mostly book related, but I will also do some theatre and stationery posts.

I am excited, are you? Anyone else doing it?

(The image was doodled by me in Procreate app on iPad using Apple Pencil. I can't draw.)

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