My 2018 Reading & Blogging Goals

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December came and went in such a quick flash that it took me by surprise. I, unsurprisingly, failed at Blogmas. But now I am ready to revive my blog once again. And what can be better but reading & blogging goals?


In 2017, my reading/theatre goals were simple:


  • read 100 books (GoodReads challenge) - which I did
  • watch 10 theatre plays - I watched 24 and will talk about them later
  • listen to 20 audiobooks - I came close but didn’t hit 20


I also wanted to read one book in French and one book in German, and I didn’t even come close to doing that. So, I am going to try again in 2018.

I am mostly satisfied with 2017 as my reading year, although I read a lot of short fiction but not enough solid novels, and most of them were Young Adult. Plus, I purchased way more books than I read, so in 2018 I decided to additionally challenge myself.


My reading goals:


  • read 100 books (GoodReads challenge)
  • listen to 20 audiobooks
  • read 20 plays/scripts
  • read 1 book in German
  • read 1 book in French
  • read 30 adult books
  • participate in 1 read-a-thon


I set additional reading challenges for myself as my goal this year to seriously dig into the books I own and either read them and unhaul them or donate them.


Reading challenges:


  • Read 5 books owned for 1 new book purchased
  • Read 1 Kindle book for 1 Kindle book purchased
  • Read all plays owned
  • Listen to 10 audiobooks in my Audible library
  • Reduce “to be read” on GR
  • Reduce “on hold” on GR
  • Reduce holds at the library
  • Unhaul minimum 50 books
  • Read 10 book released in 2017
  • Read 10 books released in 2018
  • Finish 5 trilogies/series
  • Read all manga/graphic novels owned
  • Re-read all of Sherlock Holmes stories
  • Re-read The Three Musketeers
  • Re-read Katherine Kurtz books (at least the first trilogy)
  • Re-read Lynn Flewelling books (at least the first duology)


Additionally, I aim to:

  • watch 20 plays
  • watch movies at TIFF 2018


Blogging goals:


  • review every book I read (blog and/or GR)
  • review all plays I watch on my blog
  • review all movies I watch at TIFF
  • post on my blog every Tuesday & Friday
  • post videos every Wednesday & Sunday on my YT
  • reach 500 subscribers on YT
  • participate in 1 vlog-a-thon (like Vlogmas)
  • post more art journal and planner related post on my blog


I am very satisfied with my goals. I feel that they all I fairly achievable. I struggle the most with maintaining my schedule as my work and life sometimes get in the way of blogging, but I am willing to make a conscientious effort to get better at it. I am making this post for the record and to keep myself accountable ?




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